I laugh so as not to weep


Yes, this was supposed to be on Friday, but these things happen.

If you’ve been following along up until now, you’ve noticed the tone of the posts is usually light.  Even the occasional rant (such as Thursday’s) is hopefully accented to the positive.  That’s obviously on purpose.

With the recent disaster in Japan fresh in the media and on my mind, I am reminded once again of how many terrible tragedies occur in life.  Scale makes them more sensational, but the personal ones are no less devastating.

How many parents have had to grieve the loss of a child?  How many children the loss of a parent?  How many unspeakable acts have been perpetrated by bad people?  How many homes and jobs lost?  How many loves ended?

There is plenty of bad news for all to hear, read and experience.  Be it natural disaster or human cruelty, to me, the scale is irrelevant since the pain is just as acute to the one affected.  That is why I purposely choose a different tone in my blog and my writing.

Hope and laughter, to me, are inextricably linked.  Dealing with loss and pain is handled differently by all; I do it with the above two as my helpers.  It was far easier to deal with my Mom’s death remembering the fun times we shared and some of my most humorous moments with her.  For me, celebrating her life was better than mourning it.

Other personal moments of pain, my own or that of those I care about, have given me that special opportunity to employ hope and laughter to add strength in times when it is sorely tested.  It’s no panacea.  Pain and loss don’t go away just because of a smile or a blithe phrase.  But, unquestionably, trying to focus on a positive outlook can lighten the darkness.

All of which means it will be a rare thing indeed for you to read something here of a depressing or downbeat tone.  That is not to say some dark subjects may not be discussed, but I will maintain an upbeat theme as much as possible.

You have enough sources of downbeat, sad or shocking news (some might say too many).  I see no need to add to that dreariness.  In the end, if I can’t get you to laugh, maybe I can at least get you to shake your head and roll your eyes.  It’s a small dream, but I can hope!

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