I just saw my first ant!

Some people get aches.  Some get headaches.  Some get stuffed up or depressed or all sorts of different early warning signals.  I see ants.

When it’s time for our rainy season to hit in earnest, it’s almost always preceded by the exploratory rambling of a sizeable ant.  This lone adventurer often serves not only as the harbinger of wet weather but also a steady diet of friend and neighbor ants to cross the magic portal into my home.

Actually, I have been eternally puzzled as to exactly how these travelers get into my home.  I do have some weather strip issues on the front door, but I have often seen these ants in other areas of the home.  Granted, I don’t sit in my hallway staring at the front door all day, so that could be the ingress for all the ants and they just wander throughout the home.  And, come to think of it, they mostly stay in the front of the house (mostly), so it could simply be they come in through the front door.

It’s no surprise that ants played a major role in my first book.  Jeremy shares my respect and concern for them.  I keep a special cup to capture and carry the ants back outside.  It used to be to capture and carry lizards, but I haven’t had one of those in the house in years.  When you live as close as I do to the Everglades, you expect all manner of creatures to appear from time to time.

I’m okay with these big ants, even though their bite could be quite irritating.  It’s the occasional invasion of those tiny tile ants (some call them sugar ants) that freak me out, since those suckers go after my food.  Evil!  Fortunately, they’re more like locusts in that I only see them about once a decade.

I don’t like killing any creatures, but I try to make a deal with them that if they stay out of my home, I’ll leave them be.  Still, those tiny ants and the occasional spider generally end up on my “hit” list.

In the meantime, I’ve got my trusty cup handy and my rain jacket as well.  It’s May in Florida which means the forecast calls for rain and ants.