I give up


Forget it. Finito. It’s over. No mas.

I’m done with the wave of the future. It came, I tried, I give up.

An ever-increasing wave of technology has invaded our lives. I’m a gadget man. I am. But one gadget has exhausted my patience and capacity.


Spurred on both by the lower prices and my support for a reading group featuring indie authors, I purchased an Amazon Kindle with a firm commitment to expanding my reading volume and breadth.

Several years later, I’m throwing in the towel.

No matter the source material or the environment, I just can’t get into reading on a tablet. Real reading, that is.

I have no problem reading the paper electronically with breakfast. I don’t mind scanning articles or Google searching on tablets. Heck, I’ll even do that on the phone.

But a book, a real live novel, that’s something I cannot get into without holding it in my hands.

My preference is paperback, but even hardcover is a galactic-sized improvement over e-reading.

Yes, I know my reading selection will drop, particularly in the indie arena, where a number of authors eschew print for the straight to e-format (cheaper for authors, too). I will still support those authors in my reading group by purchasing their e-copies, but they will never get read by me.

Back to real books and real reading. Trying to read on the Kindle was becoming an effort and when reading is an effort, there is something horribly wrong.

When it comes to e-readers, I give up.

2 Responses to “I give up”

  1. Steve

    Funny, but I find it difficult to read from a real book anymore. I just love my lightweight Kindle ereader that holds a library full of books.

    • JMD

      Yeah, I think you’re in the growing majority. Certainly the current generation, the ones barely looking up from their phones before they walk into a tree, probably barely remember non-school required books, let alone libraries!


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