I can’t…I just can’t…


I promised you endless updates on Halloween, from this new this year to past memories and I’ve done my bit.

I promised you no interruptions for political or social commentary and I’ve been true to my word.

But I can’t ignore yesterday’s disastrous comments from the man occupying the presidency. I just can’t.

I’ll not spend the post reiterating those comments. If you’ve not heard them, you’re clearly not paying close enough attention and if you did hear them, you should already feel what I’m feeling.

I’ll only say this – that it is bad enough to have shirked another critical duty as Commander-in-Chief of the greatest nation on earth, that being the responsibility in fact, if not in heart, to contact the families of soldiers fallen in the service of their country and offer them some consolation and, hopefully, explanation of their sacrifice.

To then try to avoid that shame by speaking nothing more than scurrilous lies (and they are lies, no matter if you are a hater of Obama or Bush and/or a lover of Trump) about prior presidents as an excuse for not fulfilling that sacred and solemn duty.

I won’t even bother to go into the rest of his shame, how it was all about his “difficulty”, expressing no recognition of the loss by fathers, mothers, spouses or children. Oh, how his difficulty must be so great compared to theirs that he could not call them…still…a week later.

Honestly, I can’t go on further because I have no ability to explain this behavior. I’ve never witnessed such complete callousness before…and I’ve worked in upper management in Corporate America, so I’ve seen some reprehensible behavior.

But nothing like yesterday. Nothing.

I’ll return to Halloween and my efforts, however minimal, to spread some joy and fun in a world growing increasingly sullen. I really have no other choice.

Because I can’t understand what type of person it is that currently has the title of president of the United States.

I just can’t.

4 Responses to “I can’t…I just can’t…”

  1. Steve

    Nothing Trump does surprises me anymore. In fact at this point, I fully expect the moron in chief to get us into a nuclear war.

    However, I do continue to be shocked that Congress continues to allow this behavior. Every week, I think surely this has to be the last straw. These are wearing times for the sane and rational.

    • JMD

      I struggle with my commitment to maintain at least a modicum of politeness when writing about the man, as it is my feeling the world has gotten far too rude.

      In some ways, his brazen campaign and “plain talking” oratory is contributory to that national encouragement of lack of respect (and, in many cases, thought).

      Still, the willingness of EVERYONE to just “shrug it off” when he says patently horrible things is what shocks me. Members of Congress are not the only Americans culpable in this circumstance.

  2. Steve

    I suspect many people do not comment on a regular basis because they are worn out by Trump; I know I am. He seems to commit horrors on at least a daily, if not more frequent, basis. Frankly, Trump is amazing in this respect.

    I am finding the whole political situation to be hazardous to my health and well being. Rather then just focusing on the negativity of Trump, I am trying to find some positive actions to take. For example, I attend regular meetings in my area of a Democratic political group and Tracey and I are actively supporting a local congressional candidate. These things help, but it is a struggle. Unfortunately, Trump is everywhere in our national discourse.

    By the way, I find the politeness of your writings to be quite commendable! I am unable to do the same: Trump is a FUCKING MORON.

    Have a nice day.

    • JMD

      There’s no question both sides have strong feelings towards Mr. Trump and react accordingly to pro and con comments about him.

      Sometimes, though, the anger gets misdirected to the person commenting rather than the comment and that’s when we start losing – all of us – the perspective that we’re all ultimately in this together.


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