I can only take 4 days off


5 days offWe interrupt this series of politically inspired posts to talk about something I observed yesterday.

On the very last day of 2010, the first post on my website blog was made. It was always my intent to make the blog as random as possible, limited only by my ability to come up with something to write about.

Of course, for the first few years, this meant a lot of blogs about my writing projects, as my Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy (hey, check it out on the website, peeps!) took three-plus years to complete. Without any active projects since then (a few projects, to be sure, just none currently active), the blog began to more accurately resemble its name, “Ramblings”.

I committed to posting weekdays and taking the weekends off, providing me a potential 260 posts a year if I were absolutely diligent.

Diligence and I are occasional friends, at best, so the number of posts per year was far short of that number. On the other hand, simply posting to keep up a numerical commitment, without regard to value, seemed counterproductive to maintaining a readership.

As I refreshed my statistics page for the blog yesterday, I noticed I was sitting at 865 posts to date. Being a proud numbers nerd, I wondered when I might expect to hit 1,000.

Using the power of the internet, I had my answer in seconds. As of yesterday, there were 139 weekdays left in the year.

Then, using nothing but my own brain to calculate (amazing math skills, eh wot?) I determined that I needed 135 more posts to hit 1,000 and thus could accomplish this if I took off no more than 4 more days between now and the end of the year.

Typing up 135 blog posts is the easy part. Typing up 135 blog posts that someone (anyone, even me) would find interesting will be a wee bit harder.

Still, I am emboldened by the knowledge that it is an election year and that should be good for a lot of fodder. While I don’t know if I’ll be picking up any of my writing projects, there should be some other activity I can bore your pants off with.

I do love roundies. If there is some way to come up with 135 separate ideas between now and year-end, I’ll be happy to commit to only taking 4 days off.

Heck, counting this silly post, I’ve got just 134 to go!

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