I am the walking dead


walking deadAnd I couldn’t be happier.

Apologies to those looking for something other than a third post about basketball, but forgive me my celebration of the second consecutive championship for the Miami Heat.

As expected, I couldn’t leave the post game TV coverage despite the wee hours of the morning because I was too enervated to be tired.  I’m paying for that now, which means this post will be mercifully short.

If you are not basketball fans, you won’t understand how meaningful this victory is.  Even then, perhaps none but those within our area can truly feel the sense of vindication and validation that must be flowing over the players of the Heat and their fans.

Never before has any team and group of players been subject to such constant and inexplicable vilification and rancor.  Whether from some misguided remnant from their forming three years ago or just the general “hater” mentality made so easy by the social media world, the Heat have been buried and pilloried repeatedly.

Even the people of South Florida have been included in the abuse, with one opposing team’s broadcaster actually calling them “losers” on air during the game!  What is wrong with this world that so many feel the need to tear down others?  Where does that “right” come from, when it’s clearly so wrong a thing to do?

I now live well north of Miami, but I was born there.  My sense of pride in the team’s accomplishment overshadows any indignation over the poor behavior others have shown to the team or the city.  I refuse to let my tiredness turn me sour or reproachful when the most important thing is to celebrate a terrific team (and a superb opponent) in what turned out to be one of the best NBA Finals in many years.

Congratulations Miami Heat and Miami!

Now, where’s my pillow?

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