I am become death, the destroyer of worlds

I am become death, the destroyer of worlds - the abandonment of loyal Kurdish allies in Syria means death to their families.

Unconscionable (adjective) – shockingly unfair or unjust. A lone man made the decision to abandon the loyal Kurds in Syria to fend for themselves. That decision surely brands Donald Trump in the manner Oppenheimer once described himself: I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.

I and I alone

A phrase oft repeated by Donald Trump on the campaign trail. Also, a few times after the election. I and I alone can solve it. No matter what “it” is.

There’s been precious little evidence of that in three years since. But, the I and I alone is in force more critically and despairingly than ever.

By all accounts, the decision to pull U.S. forces away from the Turkish border and leave our Kurd allies to be slaughtered was made by Trump and Trump alone.

Presuming, of course, you discount the violent authoritarian Turkish leader Trump was on the phone with directly prior to the order.

Memory is short, history is long

Many times, Trump castigated the previous president for making the decisions that allowed ISIS to form. Indeed, even to the point of outrageously saying the former president created ISIS.

And yet, with apparently no memory of his own words nor awareness of history, his action may reignite the terror that is ISIS.

Everyone but the kitchen sink

There is no credible disagreement on this impending result.

Democrats. Republicans. Intelligence officers. Military officers. Allies and enemies alike across the globe.

You have to reach to the furthest fringes of the right wing or the inconsequential Rand Paul to find anyone who agrees with the Trump decision.

Morally, politically or from a national security perspective.

Not my problem

Some incredible excuses used by Trump to justify his decision:

Don’t want our soldiers losing their lives on endless wars – But America is not there fighting an endless war. U.S. forces are there to train Kurdish forces to beat back and dismantle the Islamic State terrorists (aka ISIS). The actual amount of U.S. soldiers there totals roughly 1,000. There is no “good” death of a soldier, American or otherwise, but when the cause is just, there is at least honor and greater purpose.

Turkey won’t do anything to harm the Kurds or I will obliterate their economy – Turkey is already harming the Kurds (death toll rising) and Trump has responded by ordering American troops not to help protect them (!) and tweeting that Turkey’s move is a “bad idea”.

ISIS soldiers imprisoned by the Kurds won’t be an issue since they will escape to Europe, not here – Beyond the immense callousness of that statement, think on this fact: in 2018, almost 18 million (million!) Americans visited Europe. You know, that place where all the escaped ISIS terrorists will now be roaming around.

I am become death, the destroyer of worlds

Unconscionable. It’s apt and right to use the word. It truly applies to this solitary decision by Trump.

There is Kurdish blood this day. And it is not from a fight against terror with partners that is in the interest of all peoples. No, the blood is of the fleeing Kurds from Turkish attacks.

And that blood is surely not going to be merely soldiers. Because It will be the indiscriminate death of air strikes and artillery fire. Deaths will be soldier and civilian alike; adult and child.

Those deaths and that blood rest with the I and I alone decisions of Donald Trump. Thus, he now takes on the mantle and ability to say, I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.

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