How unhealthy food made me healthier

How unhealthy food made me healthier - the story of why I'm so much healthier now after eating all that unhealthy food.

Probably since the day you were first able to understand words, you’ve likely heard the expression, “Eat that, it’s good for you.” Well, I’m here to tell you the tale of how unhealthy food made me healthier.

Where’s the beef?

Right here in my freezer.

I thoroughly enjoy meat. Most every type of meat.

Yes, I like animals, too. And I’m sure I would be repulsed by activities that lead to me getting my meat. But, like all things in life, we make trade-offs. My ignorance allows my enjoyment of meat.

And so, I often have quite a bit of meat in the home. I don’t like to eat the same thing two days in a row. So, variety of meals requires variety of meat.

Unhealthy habits are not inherently unhealthy

So, sure, I get the whole “eat better, live longer” thing. And maybe that’s even true. But it’s not as if all I eat is meat.

I have plenty of fruits and veggies. And I’m not talking canned stuff. I go to the fresh market and get my own produce. I wash it thoroughly and cook it myself.

And, let’s also point out that meat itself has many valuable nutrients, so don’t try to sway me from my culinary pleasures.

So, if meat is not unhealthy, what’s your point?

Hello? New to this blog? I take forever getting to my points in these posts.

Anyhoo, I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times my favorite meat market, Penn Dutch. Great selection, quality and prices.

A couple of months ago, an article showed up in the local newspaper. Apparently, the Penn Dutch in Hollywood had some quality control issues. Water leaking onto open food, bacteria, etc.

Fortunately, I shop at the Margate store.

Not so fast, bunky

But wait. A few weeks later, another story shows up. Apparently Margate also has the problem. Temporarily closed due to health issues.

The temporary turned to permanent. The store had a “going out of business” sale. Weirdly, people flocked to the store to buy vastly marked down potentially bacteria-saturated products. Um.

No, I was not one of them. Sheesh. Wotta question to ask.

Now where’s the beef?

Oh no! Where am I going to find my meats?

Of course, there’s Publix, but they’re overpriced and their selection is nowhere near the level of Penn Dutch.

Other people suggested Costco. I’m a single guy. I don’t need a closet of toilet paper. And paying someone to shop at their store is, to me, insane.

So, I fell back to my old local meat shop, a place called Western Beef. Prior to Penn Dutch opening up, I did a good deal of meat shopping there. They paled in comparison to the Dutch, though.

In fact, my first purchase there since the closing was terribly disappointing. The porterhouse steaks were cut much to thin. The selection was not as broad as I liked (no lamb chops or shanks, for example).

So, I went the next month and a half basically without meats.

How unhealthy food made me healthier

Yes, for a too long period, I was eating salads and store bought rotisserie chicken. No steaks fired up on the grill. No chops broiled in the oven. Not even ribs marinating overnight.

It was a nightmare. But, I guess the upside is that I’ve been eating “better”. No longer buying poisoned meat from Penn Dutch is how unhealthy food made me healthier in the long run.

Epilogue: I decided to give Western Beef another shot (I was so starved for meat). Surprisingly, the porterhouse steaks were thicker. They had lamb chops, but they were shoulder, not rib, but it’s a start.

I’m still eating more greens than during my Penn Dutch days, but, to quote the Uruk-hai in the Two Towers, “Meat’s back on the menu, boys!”

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