How many times must I Awaken?


How many awakensTa da! The Stars Wars weekathon is over, timed perfectly to end on Sunday. Now, with the mythos firmly in mind, I’m now primed to watch “The Force Awakens”.

And watch. And watch. And…

It’s not as if I haven’t gone to see movies multiple times before, but since I’ve grown up (I hear a cacophony from friends and family), okay, since I’ve gotten older, I have been quite content to see only a few movies in the theater.

The advent of HD technology and large TV screens have made me a more patient moviegoer. For example, I just watched Mad Max Fury Road on the 60″ and found it quite entertaining (in a Road Warrior evocative way, which is a good thing).

Still, super blockbusters (LOTR, some superheroes, 007, etc.) remain more fun in the theater. And that’s where my new version of multiple viewings raises its dysfunctional head.

Between friends, family and occasional personal impatience, I often get roped into going to see the same movie over and over.

SW:TFA will be no different. Currently, I’ve got this Wednesday booked for a matinée with my elder niece and her boyfriend (younger niece appears to have little interest).

Later, either this week or next, it will be me and my sister. Still later will likely be another viewing with some friends.

Now, there are some benefits from multiple viewings. My niece and her boyfriend weren’t born when the original trilogy finished, so their reactions and impressions will be unique.

Conversely, my sister and I saw the movies originally, so we’ll be on the lookout for callbacks and either glaring plot holes or welcome “fixes” to the second three movies.

In some cases, seeing the movies in “broken” groups is wiser. When the first new Star Trek came out some years ago, we went as a family. My nieces looked askance at their parents and me as we reacted to the good and bad in the movie based on our shared memories.

On the plus side, by coordinating with everyone’s days off, I’ll at least get those lower matinée prices, meaning I get roughly 3 movies for the price of 2.

That works as long as I don’t need to go to more than 3 viewings!

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