How are you not screaming?


I think I understand some of it. America is a nation of self-interested and self-centered people. In an otherwise insulated world, that’s not a terrible thing.

You first. Then family (or the reverse, for some). Then maybe some friends. Possibly, if everything else is going well, the neighborhood. And, in especially generous moments, cutting a check to some charity.

But we don’t live in an insulated world. In that case self-interest and self-centered can create disaster. And because of that, you got exactly the president you deserve. Now that you’ve seen it, how are you not screaming.

For Trump supporters:

Obamacare. You asked for repeal and replace. You forgot to ask for repeal and replace with something better. That was an important miss on your part.

In order to get that “replace” done without Democratic support (they prefer “fix” over “replace”), Republicans have to use a process called “reconciliation”. In simple terms, that means that the new law cannot add a penny to the debt.

But, the repeal and replace with something less good plan of the Republicans includes huge tax breaks for people earning more than $1,000,000 per year. Does that sound like you, Mr. Trump voter? So, in order to get it passed, money has to be “saved” elsewhere.

The plan does that by figuratively (and possibly literally) killing older people and people with pre-existing conditions by removing the caps insurance companies can charge you for your premiums.

Next time, remember to add the “with something better” when you chant “Repeal and Replace!”

Jobs. You were promised the return of all those jobs from those bad trade deals with job-stealing nations like Mexico and China. Four months later, the only “punishment” meted out by the Trump administration is on that historic enemy of America….Canada.


Job growth is no faster than it was during the previous administration and the economic growth, once promised to be 4% (now reduced to 3%…maybe), was less than 1% annualized in the first quarter. And how are those raises coming?

Job killing regulations. You betcha the Trump administration is killing those right and left. Except, perhaps, none of you were around during the times of sweatshops and fatally unsafe worker conditions.

Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to experience those again shortly. Or, at least, your kids. Because one thing hasn’t changed in all those years between companies taking advantage of their employees back then and now – companies only care about profits. The less you cost, the more they make.

Those weren’t job killing regulations, they were profit killing regulations. Good to get those out of the way…suckers.

Drain the swamp. That evil Hillary Clinton. She took all that money from foreign governments and especially Goldman Sachs. You wanted all that washed away for a clean and pure Washington.

So, your president stacked his cabinet with billionaires, millionaires and more than one former employee of the (until recently) hated Goldman Sachs.

And then there’s the taxpayers’ money spent for his staying (and golfing) at Mar-a-Lago more than half the weekends since his election (instead of that extraordinarily capable and fully funded location known as the White House).

Make sure you and your family buy those waders the next time you visit D.C.

America First. We were going to stop butting into other people’s affairs around the world. We were going to focus on America and our borders and let those crazy people over in Asia and the Middle East duke it out among themselves.

And then we sent missiles to Syria, bombed Afghanistan and now are going to send 5,000 Americans over there to fight for, what, America First? In Afghanistan?

Good thing none of your children are of draftable age, right?

Abortion. This was a big one. Get the Supreme Court nomination and all those left-wing, hippie, Hollywood laws would start disappearing from the books. Heck, maybe we could even go all the way back to segregation.

Fire in the hole! Despite misinformed ideas that defunding Planned Parenthood would decrease abortions dramatically (all it would do is decrease safe abortions dramatically), the difficulty in trying to get rid of it is that the single-issue drivers of its demise don’t recognize the dozens of other valuable (and affordable) services that would disappear as well. Lawmakers do and that’s why it’s so difficult to vote out.

You don’t get to blame the media or Democrats for all of the above. In the first case, the media doesn’t propose or vote on legislation and in the second, well, the Republicans control 238 of the 435 House seats, they control 52 of the 100 Senate seats and they have the current President.

As it is, recent polls show 96% of Trump voters would vote for him again. Look at that report card above and tell me, how are you not screaming?

And you non-Trump supporters. Yes, you, with your indignant self-righteousness or your cheaply rationalized “no good choices”. You refused to acknowledge the reality to the situation and “stood by your principles” or “voted your conscience”.

You are just as self-centered and small-minded as anyone else. Your inaction or wasted action contributed just as much to this situation as the Trump faithful. At least they have the purity of true choice on their side. Your “protest” actions ended up being a cowardly cop-out. Two bad choices? Still think that?

When you brush your teeth or step out of the shower or whenever you look in the mirror, how are you not screaming?

How are you all not screaming?

2 Responses to “How are you not screaming?”

  1. Steve

    Many of us are screaming. Call your congress people. Join a resistance group. Participate in marches. MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD. This is not a drill. We stand in danger of losing our precious freedoms for which much blood was shed to achieve and maintain. We are at war!

  2. JMD

    He is beginning to sound a little mad (as in crazy) these days. The Comey firing may not have felt like Watergate, but the paranoia and threats are beginning to.


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