Hope for the best…


hope-for-the-bestThe peculiar thing about preparing for a hurricane is the waiting. I don’t think any other natural disaster has this excruciating element about it.

I’m not comparing devastation effects of natural phenomena.  I’ve lived in Florida all my life and hurricanes are the only natural disaster I know, but it’s not the only type I know of.

All I have to do is look at the after-effects of earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis to recognize the equally catastrophic impact those natural occurrences create.

But the creeping, sometimes interminable watching and waiting for a hurricane to hit or miss seems dramatically different from all those other events.

Take today’s charmer, Matthew. There he is, just a little southeast of me, plodding along. A jogger probably runs faster than Matthew was moving (recently, he’s picked up a little more speed).

So the waiting continues. As I’ve talked about before, I would prefer the storm just veer out to sea and trouble no one. That doesn’t look as probable this time through.

Shortly, I’ll make the call whether to start bringing all the stuff on the patio into the house. I have a large painter’s tarp that I can spread out over the living room carpet to reduce potential deadly projectiles (like the tiles in my patio table).

That the storm is coming off the east is reasonably good for my home, though not as much for my east-facing patio. Either way, it looks like a wet and windy couple of days later this week.

Or not. I’ll be waiting and watching and hoping.

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