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Day 4 of “Downer Week” continues on the JMD blog.

Long day today.  Dad was put on dialysis for a few hours and we await the results from the kidney biopsy.  Hopefully, it will unearth the reason for the kidney problems.  Until then, read on…

Dad and I share a lot of the same characteristics (you can read of many of them by browsing through various older posts on the blog).  One of our most noticeable traits is our commitment to preparation.

Now, sometimes, this trait can be taken to an extreme.  For example, we often have a tough time finding the right tackle on a fishing trip because Dad packs so much into the box just in case we might have a need for it.  And I’ve had more than one date scuttled due to overthinking my side of the evening.  But, on whole, the characteristic helps us and those around us.

Which means Dad and I have discussed many things that require preparation that others sometimes fail to account for until too late.  We’ve talked at length on various investment and retirement strategies.  We’ve examined a variety of property concepts as they relate to everyone in the family.  And we’ve also had a talk or two about what happens when Dad dies.

Most of the time, it’s a joking dialog about my place in the will (or getting added back) and how much more I may have earned for some mitzvah I perform.  Occasionally, though, it’s a serious discussion of responsibilities, requirements and expectations.

My Dad and Stepmom have prepared for most eventualities, but nothing can be planned for what happens when one goes first.  Dad and I haven’t had many talks in that direction, but we’ve even had one or two of those.  I have to say, even as a dedicated member of the “be prepared” club, those conversations tend to make me feel icky.

It occurs to me that I need to do a better job of following Dad’s example.  Once we come out of this current crisis, I need to sit down and make some decisions of my own.  Even though I believe this particular emergency will end up positive, I am getting a valuable lesson in just how little time or energy is available for “real” thinking during the immediacy of the situation.  I need to do a better job at making sure I don’t have to think (or make anyone else have to).

For the very reason that you never know, it’s always better to “Be Prepared”!

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