Hooking up to a trailer


Apparently, a new wave is sweeping the market when it comes to promoting books.  Everyone, from publishers to individual authors, is creating video previews about their books, similar to movies.  Appropriately enough, they are called book trailers.

So I says to myself, I says, I should probably look into this newfangled idea.  How hard can it be anyway?  After all, I’ve spent years in advertising, storyboarding commercials for video and scripting others for radio.  Couldn’t be that hard, could it?

Welp, actually, it really isn’t.  At least the actual trailer idea creation isn’t hard.  I figured out a way to even make a “mini-series”, three separate trailers that would play off each other.  I’m planning on taking a day off from writing tomorrow to work on fully storyboarding them.  Then I’ll test them out in a simple application platform, like PowerPoint, as a series of slides.

I suppose I can do the voiceovers myself.  I haven’t been on tape in a long time, but I do remember I sound extra “nasally” when recorded.  That should work just fine for my chief “actor” in the trailers.

Once that’s done and I “test market” the slide version to a few friends, I will need to review the various trailer creation software applications out there.  I find it ironic that my thrust into published print writing keeps trying to veer me into technology-based ventures.  Since my book has been published, I’ve created a website, been forced into being a webmaster, had to have versions of my book created for e-reading in various formats to suit specific vendors (Amazon, Apple, B&N) and now I have to become a video and audio mixer.

It’s a relief to know there are software designers out there who exercise their mighty brain cells to make my transition from a happy end-user of simple programs to a somewhat grumpy mid-range of administrator and user of more complex programs.  Though I have a reasonably good affinity for computers, I have a stronger affinity for laziness.  While the aforementioned designers have yet to create applications to dovetail to my innate nature, they do make it easy enough where I have no business complaining.

How long will it take me to “shoot” my book trailers?  Hard to say until I read up on some of the tools out there.  Considering the rising use of these in promoting books, I have moved this up to the top of my “to do” list, which means I’ll be focusing on the trailer creation instead of book writing for as long as it takes.

Which, hopefully, won’t be too long.  Look for the trailer(s) up on the site, out on facebook and maybe even trolling in YouTube.  If you’ve already read the book, you’ll get a special kick out of them.  If you haven’t read the book yet, I think these should get you in the mood.

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