Hook me up


hook me upIt seems like this is the year for me to be replacing stuff.

Wear and tear appear to be catching up to me.  Even though my appliances are only six years old, I’ve had to pick up a new bottom rack for the dishwasher, a new gasket for the ice maker and now my oven clock is missing one of its LCD lines.

My shorts and towels are wearing out.  I had to pick up new eyeglasses for the first time in four years and I retired my ten-year old car.

Last week, it was my earphones.

I prefer to keep stuff out of my actual organs.  I wear eyeglasses rather than put something on my eye surface.  I like ear hooks over rather than sticking stuff into my ear.  Problem is, it’s tough to find iPhone compatible ear hooks that don’t also include ear buds.

After much searching, I came across these Jabra “sport corded” ear hook headphones.  Not quite as perfect as my last pair of ear hooks (where the volume and remote control was on the center cord rather than the more common ear cord), but impressive nonetheless.

They are a little fatter than my old ear hooks, which makes it a little crowded when wearing my glasses, but not so much that it’s uncomfortable.  The sound quality is much better than the previous ear hooks, which is a major plus (I can even hear the quiet parts of the classical music while walking near traffic).

If all my replacement purchases turn out as satisfactory as my car and my ear hooks, I think I’ll swallow the financial pain that comes from shelling out for everything in what seems like all at once.

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