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I certainly didn’t plan on taking this long to get Book 2 of my trilogy out to all of you.  In fact, I was eagerly anticipating its release to hear back from you what you thought of Jeremy’s new journeys and dilemma.

But as I got further along in the book, I relaized something very important.  The book was not very good.

It’s not a difficult decision between releasing a disappointing book and holding back until the problems with the story are properly fixed.  Bottom line, I have to enjoy the book before I’ll let anyone else have a crack at it.

Now, on the eve of my annual Christmas visit with my best friend’s family in Las Vegas, I’ve finally straightened out some of those unfortunately glaring patches of boredom that were taking up space in my tale.

Given that this is a holiday vacation and my friend often fills it with ample things to do, I can’t say I’ll be diligently writing during the break, but there are a couple days where I’ll be staying alone at Caeser’s (courtesy of her son), so I may take some of that quiet time (the gambling has no allure for me…I’ll stick with my $20 poker night down here with my friendly octogenrians) to get a head start on the new year.

If I were a professonal writer, I would apologize, seeing how a scheduled release date is a deadline to be met.  Since it’s merely me, I regret not finishing the book this year, but I would regret even more making you read the confused verbage I currently have created.

I can say, with full confidence, that you will enjoy the refreshed book when it does get released.  Jeremy’s adventures are going to be more exciting and challenging than before and there will be some unexpected developments in his search for his missing Dad.

Hold on a bit longer and I think you’ll agree it will be worth it!

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