Hold please…


hold pleaseAre you afflicted like me?  I can’t stop and it’s bugging me, how about you?

I mean, it was cool when it first came out.  Think of how convenient when you needed a break or something important came up.

Yeah, I’m talking about the “pause” button.

At first, it was nothing short of a miracle!  Need to use the bathroom?  Have to make a call?  Want a bite to eat?  Just hit “pause”.  No worries and then you can sit back down and enjoy your show.

But what happened?  Now, the phone rings when there’s 10 minutes left in a movie and I pause it to take the call.  Maybe I hear the mail being delivered outside.  Oh, you know what, I should probably pull something out of the freezer for defrosting.  Did I get an email?  I’m sure I just got an email.  Oh, I didn’t get an email.

I’m amazed the button hasn’t fallen off!  How did I become so dependent on this function?  I go to movies all the time, shut off the phone, don’t have anything to eat (except, maybe an occasional box of Raisenets) and manage to avoid using the bathroom for what, 2 or 3 hours, but I can’t sit still at home?

It’s crazy!  It’s a sickness!  I’m hooked and I can’t kick the habit!  Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe you haven’t succumbed to the insidious weakness that has consumed me.  Thank goodness it’s only watching movies at home.  I’m still free of the monkey everywhere else.  It’s not like the computer pause button has any purpose when I’m typing these…wait, was that the phone?

Hold please…

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