Ho hum


Must see TV! Miss it not! Call in sick! Send the kids to school (even if there it’s ut for the summer)! Lock the doors! Turn off the ringers! The biggest testimony in, well, whenever is going to happen this Thursday.

Eh, or not.

I would like nothing better than to hear salacious and riveting information from the former Director of the FBI this week. Revealing facts about the Trump administration and behavior of the White House staff? You betcha.

Except, despite all the hype and hoopla (even FOX will be covering it), I’m dubious it will live up to the anticipation.

For one thing, the Special Counsel investigation is dealing directly with the Russia issue(s), so it’s highly unlikely we’ll hear anything about that.

For another, the alleged contemporaneous notes Mr. Comey kept during his tenure have not been released by the FBI and therefore seem also unlikely to be “allowed” for Mr. Comey to bring to public session (possibly the private one, though).

Finally, there is the general caginess of Mr. Comey. He has historically picked and chosen what he feels is germane, despite possessing information that would be critical to the public (details on Clinton investigation while never mentioning Trump one).

It’s entirely possible the whole testimony will be a complete dud.

But, and this is a big but (one “t”), the possibility of something delicious being revealed will be irresistible to most Americans with the opportunity to watch. Despite my reservations, that includes me, too.

One thing I’m sure we can guarantee is that leading up to the testimony, there will be plentiful attempts to degrade the integrity of Mr. Comey and his potential revelations. This part has already begun.

Another surety is that there will be darn few, if any, Republicans asking questions unflattering to the White House. If there is any way they can turn this around to the Democrats, bet on that happening.

Finally, I’m still unconvinced Mr. Trump won’t pull some last-minute upstage and claim executive privilege. Sure, his assistant press secretary said he won’t and many legal and political minds think it would be a mistake, but it’s Donald Trump…when in his presidency has he ever shied away from a mistake?

So, I’m hoping for an edge-of-the-seater, but I’m prepared for a anticlimactic ho hum.

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