Hitting the right notes


hitting right notesThey should be around here somewhere.  I’m sure of it.

Oh, hey!  I’m just scrounging through all my miscellaneous pads, sheets, paper and whatnot trying to find my scribbled notes on my other book ideas.  I’m certain I wrote them down somewhere, but I’ll be darned if I recall.

My return to walking last week reinvigorated my writing muse and I began “pre-work” on a couple of books.  Mainly, that consists of brainstorming various bits and scenes that surround a basic idea.

I can’t say if there’s a story in all that thinking and I definitely don’t know if it all adds up to a book, but the process has started and that’s a thing to enjoy.

I’ll spend a bit more time today, in various nooks and crannies, before just working from scratch.  Maybe that’s a good thing, in one respect, as it will be a fresh take on ideas that somehow failed to catch fire the first time.

Still it would have been nice to uncover my missing story thoughts.  At this point, forget about hitting the right notes; I’d settle for finding them!

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