Hit the deadline or make dead sure it’s a hit


deadlineSlipping in a quickie on a happy holidays week!

I’m at risk.  I think.

My recent rewrite has added 30 pages to the book.  30!!  Normally, I’m trimming pages in the rewrite, so this took me by surprise.  It also challenges me to hit my deadline to get the book released by mid-January.

My books are as much about relationships as they are fantasy adventure.  Those relationships are what make the characters real, critically important when the subject matter is so fantastic.  As I was going through the rewrite, I noticed that the relationships had been underserved, thus the additional pages (and chapters).

None of the chapters are critical to the story’s plot.  The book would have survived without them.  I felt the additional pages were critical to the integrity of my writing, though.  I feel an obligation to myself, first, that I must produce a work I am satisfied with.  After that, I have a secondary obligation to you.  Not to satisfy you, since that is personal and unique, but to keep the trust that makes you willing to purchase the final book in anticipation of my very best effort.

The risk to the deadline is very real, but the risk to the honesty of my writing is greater.  In the end, it’s not a hard decision.  I’ll write this book until it’s the very best I can do and then I’ll release it.  There is still a decent chance I can do it all and get the book out as scheduled.  That’s my goal and I still aim to hit it…and deliver a hit book!

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