Hiking on the trial


hiking trialYeah, I know what it looks like…it’s not a typo.  Read on…

Today was Day Two of my new hiking shoes.  On advice from a friend, I’ve worn them on my daily walks to try to break them in a little before doing some real hiking on the GNABRT.

This has led to some interesting discoveries, which is what hiking is about anyway.

Boy are these suckers heavy!

Compared to “regular” sneakers, these things felt like cement blocks on my feet as I walked, particularly when I first started out and again as I trudged my last mile.

Where do my feet go?

After two days, my toes and feet were still searching for purchase within the shoes.  The shoes feel tougher and rougher.  I just need to find a comfort zone so my feet can relax.

Road?  What road?

There’s definitely more traction and support with these puppies.  The general unevenness of my walking path has little impact on the strong sole composition and design.  Very nice!


My feet have hurt more from the last two walks than my previous ones, especially my heel.  I attribute this to the “getting to know you” part of acclimating my foot to a more snug and stiffer shoe.  In this respect, trying them on before walking in the wilds of our nation’s parks is a wise decision.

Likely I didn’t help myself out by trying these on the week I bumped my walking distance from six to seven miles.  Combined with the added weight and unfamiliarity, the additional distance left me surprisingly wiped out yesterday.  I fared somewhat better today.

I hope to gain further “friendliness” with the shoes over the next couple of weeks as I walk even longer distances.  I haven’t tried out my woolly hiking socks, but I may do so despite the temperature to see if the added cushion helps on the tired feet.

At some point, I will add the backpack and test my endurance with a lumpy thing on my back as I walk.  If all goes as planned, I should be up to 10 miles with a backpack by the time I’m ready to go.

Then my trials will really begin.

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