High time to spin a new web

High time to spin a new web - now that I'm writing again, it's a good point to refresh the JeffreyMDaniels.com website.

“Help me!” Ha! Love that movie. But, no, I’m good. Now that my writing has been…re-invigorated…re-ignited…reborn…ah, KISS principle. Now that my writing has restarted, I should probably do something new about the website. It’s high time to spin a new web!

The first time I tried to spin a web

Back when I was releasing Book One of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures (“What if?”), I was trying to understand how to market the book.

In the “new” world, it seems, authors needed to have a website. This could be used to inform potential readers, have discourse with them, put up a blog and even sell the books directly.

High time designing the web

While I didn’t want to fuss with direct sales, I thought everything else would be good. So, I set about designing a web page.

Now, I had no idea how to actually create a web page, but basic outlines didn’t seem that tough, especially from just looking at other sites on the internet.

Simple and unpretentious

Awash in my own humility, I vetoed any over-the-top fancy stuff like animated graphics and gaudy trim. I mean, I was an unknown writer in a monstrously large field. Show some decorum, man!

So, I went with a logical, if unspectacular, layout. The home page, of course, and pages for book excerpts, the blog, news items and a bio page (people told me I needed that). For fun, I added a FAQ page.

Originally, I had a forum page. The idea was, if my books became popular enough, people could discuss topics in the books among themselves there. My books never hit the “enough” level, so I deleted the page, years later.

Now that I had my basic ideas, it was high time to find someone to spin the web.

A gracious host

My web hosting company also had website design services. For a modest fee (really, surprisingly little), I worked with a developer to create the layout and image I wanted.

Basically, I did mock-ups in Microsoft Publisher of how I envisioned the pages and then the developer made it happen.

We added some low level functionality to navigate between pages and an email link, but very few bells and no whistles.

Why it’s high time to spin a new web

The last changes of significance I made to the site was nearly five years ago, when the final book in my trilogy (“What Now”) was published.

The last news item I listed was four years ago, at the start of my GNABRT. That’s obviously far too long without any change.

Granted, that was because there was no creative work other than the blog (which does change the home page regularly, so there’s that). But still, it could use a refresh now that I’m writing books again.

So, yes, it’s high time to spin a new web. No, I won’t be reinstituting the forum page. Nor will there likely be bells and whistles added. Just a make-over, probably of just the home page. And maybe some reworking of the News page, as I want to begin actively updating my progress.

How soon I jump on this depends on when I come up with the idea of what I want the new look to be. But, I think I should get it done sometime this quarter. I’ll let you all know when it’s time to look.

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