Hey, he’s playing our song!


And, lo, there came a light at the end of the long tunnel.

The Dead Thing Driveway is complete for 2017. A late order for some additional (tiny) rats was needed to fill a gap in Pied Piper’s side, but now the stone-and-block setup part of Halloween is done.

My modesty does allow me to say I think it looks great, if only because of the feedback I am getting from such diverse characters as: the FedEx delivery man, the UPS deliver man, my mail carrier, random kids heading to school, random other kids coming back from school, neighbors and, yes, a few of you people off the blog or social media.

Over the weekend, I assembled the fence gang and this morning I yanked, pulled and weeded in front of my landscaping to prepare for the graveyard. I popped out to Wal-Mart and got two bags of black mulch (“Year-long color!”) and poured and scooped it around the area.

Tomorrow, I will (hopefully) completely finish the graveyard so I can spend the rest of the week concentrating on cleaning, shopping and cooking for my Halloween BBQ this Saturday.

While I was unloading the bin that had all my Halloween linens (tablecloths, towels and pot holders!), I found additional goodies that I shoved into some of the goody bags. I would love to give away everything this year so I can start totally new on goody bags next year.

I’m not sure where I want to go with the goody bags. Once I finished my big comic book cataloging project last year, all my comics ended up nicely bagged and boxed. It now becomes a massive effort to find the variety necessary for all 4 groups of kids. But, I’ve got a year to figure something out.

One thing I have noticed is I’m slowing down. More huffing and puffing. Now, it could be that’s simply because, since the hurricane, I haven’t been getting my daily walks in (maybe you noticed I never continued my Jeremy Shuttle sequel…I do my best writing while walking).

Whatever the case, I was panting like I’d run four miles from simply lugging, emptying and spreading two bags of mulch. Two bags! Last year’s Dead Thing Pen had 10 bags of mulch!

Of course, I can’t stop now. I’ve already got next year planned out. It’s more than likely that’s where they’ll ultimately find me one day, keeled over some Halloween display.

But not for a while, kiddos. Already I can hear “Monster Mash” and “Thriller” filling the radio waves. Ah, yes, they’re playing my song!

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