If a hermit talks in a cave, does he make any sound?


hermitI had the elder nieceling over yesterday to work on potential employment solutions along with the sundry accessories that go with such endeavors (resume, cover letter, etc.).

It was a full day, with only a break for a stop at the thrift store and lunch with the grandparents to interrupt what I classify as a productive day.  We topped it off with a walk around my area for a mile or so.

During that day, I apparently did an awful lot of talking because I had a sore throat later that evening and a bit into this morning.

Now, my initial theory was that I had tired my vocal cords by using them for an extended period after a long time of disuse.  I did some cursory research into the question and found that there was no definitive medical support for the idea that vocal cords could atrophy from disuse similar to muscles.

So, I guess I’ll just chalk it up to talking a lot.  It used to be I could talk all day (and probably did) without any side effect.  I’m sure my friends and former co-workers will be ecstatic to know this is no longer the case.  I feel compelled to point out that I did the talking anyway, I just now face consequences.  Sorry, peeps.

Since there was no convincing documentation regarding disuse of vocal cords (that is, the days on end I rarely speak to anyone), I don’t feel an urgent need to spend a portion of my days talking out loud to myself in order to “exercise” my throat.  That will come as a relief to me and others when I am out shopping.

Since the nieceling and I plan on having these little get-togethers every week until we either run out of job postings or she gets employed, I’m guessing I’m in for a few more hoarse mornings.

Life used to be so peaceful in my undisturbed cave.

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