Health scare


Most people I know are less than enthusiastic to visit the doctor. Any doctor.

I know I’m a big baby when it comes to needles, so the main boogeyman for me is the annual checkup, which just happens to be coming around the corner.

Well, I say annual, but my “primary care physician” is the only doctor’s office that refuses to send a reminder when I should schedule my next appointment.

My dentist does. My optometrist does. My dermatologist does. Just not my regular doctor. Must be nice to have so much business you don’t need to bother reminding people to come in.

I suppose that’s only logical. After all, you go to the primary care doctor for almost everything (and anything). Real people, involved in the real world, get all sorts of ailments and issues requiring multiple visits to the doctor, so who needs an annual reminder.

Hermits, like myself, we don’t get exposed to much so it’s entirely possible to go even longer than a year without a need to visit the waiting area filled with people trying to infect us.

Of course, that also means we have a tendency to forget when our annual appointment is due, thus becoming overdue in most cases.

Ever since being bugged by an old friend to get an annual physical, I’ve been pretty scrupulous about scheduling a checkup once a year. I’ve been given mostly thumbs up; only a few diet suggestions on some blood results I could work on (sugars and cholesterol…how mundane).

Last year, though…ooops. Missed it.

So, I called first thing after the new year and asked for a morning appointment so I could go get the blood tests right afterwards and not have my fasting headache late in the day. As expected, the office didn’t seem to have anything until February.

But wait! They were able to find me a spot, exactly one week from today. 10:15 am, perfectly situated for lunch right after the blood tests.

Hang on…next Friday. Next Friday the 13th. Annual physical on Friday the 13th? Who does that?

Hopefully, that’s the only health scare I get.

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