He is what he is


Ten days into the new administration and everyone is up and arms. Shock and awe! Revulsion and revelation! Protests and applause!

To this point, no bill has been created and no law has been passed, but plenty has been done. It’s called executive action or presidential overreach, depending on who you voted for.

But surprise? No one should be surprised.

This is what Donald Trump is. He is a CEO running the government as he would his company.

Most CEO’s are, at best, autocrats and at worst, tyrants.

Sure, there are things like a Board of Directors, nominally voted on by shareholders. Many times these are people with ties to the CEO and reasonably accepting of his fiats.

Sure, there are those pesky stockholders, but while they may be many in number, they are few in power and their voices are tiny because so many don’t care to get involved.

So a CEO gets to do his thing. He comes up with an idea and the company has to implement it. Has to. No debate, no consideration, just get it done.

Great companies have a top management team that can give input on an idea and sometimes affect its implementation. Not-so-great companies don’t have as many checks and balances and depend solely on the brilliance (or not) of their CEO.

In Mr. Trump’s case, he has majority ownership of most of his businesses and so can run them unopposed.

Just like he’s currently doing with America.

Now, his current Board of Directors, the United States Congress (House of Representatives + Senate), appears to be leaving him alone at this time. The interpretation seems to be that he is going to overall help the company (USA) even if some of his implementation ideas might be detrimental (pick your favorite).

In the corporate world, it’s fairly easy to get rid of a CEO: give him a couple hundred million dollars and send him off to his next company. In politics, that process is called impeachment. You’ll get 1,000 CEO’s fired before you get one president impeached.

So, absent a horrific mistake (which no one should be hoping for), you’re either stuck or happy with Mr. Trump as president for at least four years.

At some point, actual laws will have to be made, since we don’t usually run our country like a company. That would effectively be viewed as a dictatorship.

When that “at some point” arrives, Mr. Trump will have to deal with the real process of governing as opposed to continuing what he’s most familiar with.

Can he adjust to being a President instead of a CEO? I’m pessimistic, but watchful.

In the meantime, Mr. Trump continues the exact same executive overreach that had Republicans (including Mr. Trump) mercilessly decrying the last president.

No one should be surprised at Mr. Trump’s ignoring the constitutional structure of government, he’s never had to operate democratically before.

He is what he is.

2 Responses to “He is what he is”

  1. Steve

    The cartoon and your blog post misses mentioning the evil toadies whispering in the moron President’s ears. I am quite partisan and I do not think there is any valid equating of Trump and Obama. Obama did his best to try to bring both parties together, at least early on before it was clear the Republicans were having nothing of it, but Trump simply wants to dictate.

    I think you can do better then this blog post, Jeff!

    • JMD

      A fair response. But perhaps 10-days in is too soon to judge whether Trump can grow into the role.

      As for the “toadies”, yup, he’s got some people on his staff that have dubious (at best) backgrounds. Considering Mr. Trump’s own lack of qualifications for the position, that’s not exactly a shocker.

      I appreciate your thinking I can do better, but I don’t just do partisan posts. This was not a dissection of the first 10 days in office, but an explanation of why his current actions most likely don’t seem improper to him (and thus shouldn’t surprise people to the level they are reacting).

      Now, as to the nature of those executive actions, well, that would be another blog entirely. Perhaps you would find that one, should I write it, “better”.

      As always, I appreciate the thoughtful engagement!


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