Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom week concludes…

Today is the day.  Celebrate your Moms of the past, Moms of today and Moms of the future.

In the past year, three good friends have become Moms for the first time and it has been special to watch, listen and read about their adventures in motherhood.  The universal constant among all three is the outpouring of love and satisfaction with their new children (two boys, one girl).  Their pleasure is evident to see and wonderful to think about the fun they will have over the rest of their lives.

Kids may be devils or angels.  Teens may not be able to wait to leave or their Moms not unwilling to hold the door for them.  Arguments may get heated or life may be idyllic.  No matter what, when the lightning bolt of wisdom and perspective strikes, all children end up loving their Moms for something, often for more than they ever realized.

To all of mine and all of yours:  Happy Mother’s Day!