Halloween wrap up, Part Two


And here it is, the final Halloween post for 2018. Following up on yesterday’s wrap up, let’s step back a few days to the big Halloween BBQ. For that is the subject of my Halloween wrap up, Part Two.

Shout out to Mom…again

That’s right, Mother Nature put me back on the map this year.

For one thing, the temps were really good and almost everyone was comfortable out on the patio, in the shade, with the fans going to boot!

Plus, with no rain, I could set up the serving trays on the patio, preventing any more stains on my formerly white carpet.

Finally, because of her kindness, I could pull the BBQ far into the dry grass and grill the burgers and dogs where the smoke and heat wouldn’t affect anyone (except the chef).

Good work, Mom N.

Shout out to matriarchs

Back to real Mom and a good portion of Grams, for two key food lessons.

One, scrimp on everything else in life if you must, but always buy good food.

Two, if you have ten people coming over, cook for twenty. Use this multiple on all numbers above and below. I had 15.

Thanks, real Mom and Grams.

Accentuate the variety

I ended up providing nine “main courses”. These were the aforementioned burgers and dogs, along with chicken parmesan, jambalaya, Chinese ribs, franks & beans, sausage & peppers, chili and chicken wings.

For sides, there was scalloped potatoes au gratin, macaroni & cheese, corn on the cob and cucumber salad and garden salad.

There was also fruit salad and people brought three desserts, chocolate chip cookies, buttercream cake (with a monster on it) and mango cobbler.

The outta space dilemma

Though there was plenty of eating, there was also plenty of leftovers. Some people took food with them. The rest, I stored away in various states (Tupperware, foil, plastic wrap).

I should have extra food for some time…and that’s not counting the excess chili and jambalaya I froze before the party!

The great thing about these BBQ’s is that my grocery bill always looks like I’m on a diet for the next month and a half.

The next level

The most repeated compliment I received was, “this is your best ever”. Apparently, all the combinations of things going right had a positive effect on my guests.

I’ve been using the types of chafing trays you see in the top photo for some time. I threw them all out after this party.

Fancy, shmancy

What I’m considering moving up to is the heavier duty, higher quality warming trays like the ones shown to the right. They’re likely vastly more expensive, but I’m also guessing they are equally more durable. I’ll think about it. I have until next May.

Halloween wrap up, Part Two

The food was over-provided as it should be. No one got sick and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. That’s more perfect a result than I could reasonably hope for.

From a Halloween perspective, I got to clean up and reorder the whole patio with a full two days to spare until the big day got here. That’s also about as perfect as you can imagine.

So, in closing, Halloween wrap up, Part Two really wraps up Halloween for good for 2018. The BBQ was a smashing success, the display was eye-popping and the turnout disappointing.

I think I’ll focus on next Tuesday before I begin imagining how to top it next year.

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