Halloween wrap up, Part One


A week and a half to build, three weeks on display and three hours to pack it all up. Yes, it’s November 1st and regulars know what that means. Time for the Halloween wrap up, Part One.

Shout out to Mom

For the first time in long memory, Mother Nature was extraordinarily polite to me. Generous, even.

Nary a rain shower. Hardly a breeze. And cooler temperatures just when they were needed, Halloween night and post Halloween morning.

Well done, milady. I recycle my goods in your honor!

Shout out to original Mom

Yes, let me make sure everyone understands that my Mom, my real Mom, is who is ultimately to thank for these Halloween displays.

Because, Mom was the artist of the family. From art school in New York, to painting to dress designing to flower arranging. Mom was the creative fire that burned its way into my blood.

Thanks, Mom, for that, and I hope you get to see what’s going on down here each October 31!

Shout down to demographics

As I feared, the headcount for this year’s treaters was smaller by a factor. Lowest total ever (I keep track). Only 29 giftees this year, which means a lot more having to be packed up.

Plus, the variety and quality of costumes suffered a steep drop-off as well. Disappointing, the lack of creativity and investment displayed. Sigh.

So, unless I can spread fertility dust on the area, I wonder if there’s much of a future for Halloween in my area. Talk about a frightening idea!

A moment of personal pride

I am, by self-admission, immensely lazy.

It’s not an inherent trait. I’ve cultivated it every year since retirement.

But, that is okay, really, seeing as I’m retired. And, being lazy is now a benefit, not a detraction. Because, low stress equals better health.

Plus, part of knowing and admitting I am lazy means I also know that major projects need to be attacked immediately, lest procrastination take root and the weeks and months fly by.

So, I did my part. About 7:30 am, I journeyed out into the Driveway of Doom and about three hours later, everything was put away. I even rinsed off the driveway.

As a reminder: 66 edging stones x 15 pounds each = 990 pounds of concrete to move. One edging stone short of a half-ton.

Halloween wrap up, Part One

Surprisingly, I feel pretty good. I went through stretching before going outside. I made sure to crouch for each edging stone move (one in each hand), so I lifted with the legs, not the back.

And…I feel okay. Not bad for an old dude. Heck I still had enough leftover energy to type up this blog. Of course, it’s a Halloween tradition to post about the Halloween wrap up, Part One.

Just like tomorrow’s Halloween wrap up, Part Two.

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  1. JMD

    Not much different than the piece by piece pictures that showed up in the blog over the past couple of weeks.

    One day, I will learn how to take better pictures with my phone so that everyone can get the full impact of the displays!


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