Halloween party wrap up – dead tired

Halloween party wrapup - dead tired. Just a short note before I collapse into a recliner and don't move for as long as the world allows me.

Uff. Beat. Bushed. Worn out. Achy. Pick your term. This isn’t going to take long. Just a short ditty that can be summed up simply as the Halloween party wrap up – dead tired.

Halloween party success

Guests arrive, eat food, talk with each other, leave.

Simple, no? That is what makes a BBQ party successful. And this Halloween BBQ checked all the boxes.

As usual, people compliment me on my cooking and I don’t know if they mean it or if they are just polite.

I can say that they enjoyed my chicken parmesan, Mongolian beef and macaroni & cheese, since those were wiped out.

A have a lot of burgers and dogs still. I cooked a ton, though, so that’s still likely a fan favorite.

Overall, I feel good about the selections and people’s satisfaction.

Dead on my feet

One thing that is new this year is my hurting feet. I mean, really hurting.

I even wore my running sneakers that have cushion insoles, in hopes of combating the inevitable pain. But, I guess ten consecutive hours standing on tile in the kitchen are too much.

A 20-minute recliner break midday was good for some relief. But, last night, it took me a good half-hour before the aching in my feet allowed me to finally relax and sleep. Sheesh.

Cleaning wrap-up

Next comes the cleaning. Serving trays. Dishes. Pans. Utensils. Ugh.

Plus, cleaning the chairs, tables and tablecloths. Then the pack up, wrap up and straighten up. Huff and puff.

I jump into it starting at 6 am this morning and finally finish about 10 am. Get it done quickly before I realize just how tired I am. And, see? Now it’s all done.

Halloween party wrap up – dead tired

And that’s it. I am bushed and my feet are hurting again. Phooey. I’m glad I’ve reduced this to just once a year, it really is exhausting.

Still that’s enough reporting on the Halloween party wrap up – dead tired. Any more and it will surely come off as whining.

I don’t want anyone thinking that. I do enjoy getting all my friends together and providing them a fun “day off”. It’s a lot of work and very tiring, I won’t minimize that, but it’s also something I’m proud and happy to do.

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