Halloween on my mind


I can’t help it. You have your favorite holidays and I have mine.

What makes Halloween special to me is “Wow!”-ing the kids. Part of that is in crafting my special goody bags. Part of that is designing a fun display for all to enjoy.

Both parts showcase the best sides of me. I can employ my wild imagination, my artistic skills and my well-earned large credit limit on my charge cards.

I’ve posted about it before, but I reiterate now for the purposes of this particular post – I enjoy problem solving. I’m really good at it. I got paid well for it during my time in Corporate America (it also made them put up with me longer than they would normally have wanted to).

But I have a problem with my mind. No, not the obvious one. My mind is the only part of my body that isn’t lazy. Everything below the neck is perfectly content to sit on the couch or in front of the computer and atrophy. But my darn brain just won’t be a team player.

Most of the time, that’s a good thing. My focus on a difficulty often results in a solution in a reasonable amount of time (that’s me being humble). So it was with my current Halloween dilemma of how to make my design for this year a reality.

I’ve made some progress on the foam blocks. First, I tried painting them on the patio, but I was clearly breathing in too many fumes, even through a face mask.

This morning, I took my round plastic table outside (watch the screens with those legs!) and set up just behind the house. Fume problem solved.

Another issue was how to allow the blocks to dry and how to store them. Solved. I spread some newspaper on the big patio table and placed the newly painted blocks on it to dry.

The table safely holds six blocks and thus I have my work plan for the next two weeks: six blocks a day and then bring out a carton of new blocks and place the painted ones in the old carton.

My Dead Thing cage came yesterday evening. I tried it out with a couple of Dead Things (seen above). This is the prop for my Skeleton Animal Control guy. Which I can test when he arrives next week (sans costume).

With a work plan set up for the blocks (73 blocks, 6 a day, roughly 2 weeks), I can then schedule the edging stones to follow. They are smaller and thus can be painted at a more rapid clip. Since I only need 36 of them and I have 11 left over from last year, I should be able to knock them off in a week.

With all my problems solved except for the skeletons, which don’t arrive until next week, I was ready for a relaxing day. Mr. Heart, Mr. Butt and even Mr. Tummy were all fans of the idea.

Stupid Mr. Brain.

So, my mind starts thinking that there’s almost no brain work left to do. It’s mostly brawn (setting up, lifting, poking, tying, etc.). What’s a brain gonna do?

Think of next Halloween of course.

And so, my mind goes on to solving problems that didn’t exist. Really, they still don’t exist, but what else is my brain going to work on?

Now I have this crazy idea to take up my entire driveway next year, but to use more edging stones to create a kind of winding path up to my door forcing kids to only come up one way.

This would then allow me to create mini-scenes of screams at various junctures of the path.

Can it be done with so little space (a simple two-car driveway)? Sounds like a problem and, as we’ve discussed before, my mind just loves a problem.

Which leaves me with Halloween still on my mind.

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