Halloween is not just for outdoors anymore

Halloween is not just for outdoors anymore - I'm combining two manias, jigsaw puzzles and Halloween - to adorn the inside of my house for this year's party

Welp, the most current spinny threat has passed. As I wait for the next one, already out there in the Atlantic, it’s also time to start getting serious about Halloween. And, this year, Halloween is not just for outdoors anymore.

Halloween is usually all about outdoors

Of course, the main event is always about my front-of-house displays. Even back in my Halloween lights and inflatables days, it’s always about the show.

And, obviously, the goody bags. Filled with fun items and comic books. All separated by age and gender groups. Obsess on Halloween much?

Halloween is not just for parties anymore

While I may have given up my annual birthday BBQ, I am still keeping to my annual Halloween BBQ.

Two factors go into sticking with that. One, the Halloween BBQ is the one where I get to test out my Cooking Challenge recipes on a captured crowd. Ha!

And, two, I get to show off my creative madness in real time, not just pictures posted on social media.

Decorations are not just for outdoors anymore

For the most part, the only decorating I do – inside – on Halloween is tablecloths for the tables and paper plates/bowls. That’s it.

No posters, no decals, no hanging items, no novelties.

But, this year, I’ve decided to combine two of my manias, Halloween and jigsaw puzzles, and add a little atmosphere to the home.

It’s not easy finding good Halloween puzzles

Especially when I also have certain requirements for me to purchase the puzzle.

First, I only work 1,000 piece puzzles. They combine the right amount of difficulty and a nice size to work on.

Second, because of the above, the puzzles are generally about 20″ x 27″ in size. I currently have three hanging framed on my living room wall. That also means any new Halloween puzzle must be that same size.

So, it’s tough sledding to find a theme, an image and a size that fits. The lead photo for this post is one. That was a horrendous puzzle to put together.

The one you see to the right is on the way. It was more expensive than any puzzle I’ve purchased before.

I still need one more. The problem is, of the few out there that are interesting, they are vastly more expensive than even this newest one.

Halloween is not just for outdoors anymore

I’m hoping some new jigsaw puzzles will become available before Halloween. Some that are within the same galaxy, price-wise, as the other puzzles.

Generally, I can finish up a 1,000 piece puzzle in less than a week (I work on them a couple of hours a day).

Of course, the week before my BBQ eats up a lot of time and the outside decorations do likewise. Still, I imagine I will be able to finish the third piece of my “Halloween wall” by the time of the BBQ party.

Even if I have to pony up some serious dough, I’m looking forward to showing my guests that Halloween is not just for outdoors anymore.

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