Hair today, hairier tomorrow


hair todayThe Great North American Baseball Road Trip gave me many ideas, not all of them related to baseball or writing.

A number of my “learnings” related to my appearance.  I’ve already written about my clothing challenges.  Another idea that has sprung from the trip is what to do with my hair.

I mentioned I was loath to visit a barber on the GNABRT, since I’ve used one man solely for that purpose over the past 42 years.  So I tried to “trim” back the hair with my beard trimmer.  The results were predictable.  It worked for a little while and then I gouged a chunk of hair and knew it was time to just let it grow.

Apparently, though, my “letting it grow” is not quite what I imagined.  A couple of people on my trip thought the hair looked just fine.  Granted, my natural curly hair made me sprout “wings” behind my ears, but that was really the only “bad” effect.

So, I’ve decided to let my hair grow out.  I don’t need to worry about bangs and not just because I have a reverse mohawk.  I’ve never had to worry about bangs.  It’s been blogged about before but I will repeat it again for those of you who don’t want to search:  my hair doesn’t grow long, it just grows out.

When I was young, that meant a big, thick head of curly hair.  My haircuts obscured the floor below the barber chair.  But it never grew over my eyes.  Which might have been a hint as to how my hair would look a few decades later.

My barber agreed I could keep the hair longer.  He only suggested cutting back some to take out the waviness, which apparently I still have.  It makes me wonder if my hair would go back to full curls if I really let it go.

I think we’ll keep it at wondering, though.  I don’t want to get that much hairier.

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