Guns don’t kill people


Let me stop you right there and say that I don’t know the answer. I don’t know how we make this better. How to keep people safe and respect the freedoms of Americans to own guns. Okay? So, take down your defenses (from either side) and put away the backlash.

If you’re calm, maybe I can at least get everyone to agree on this one thing: The title statement is nonsense.

Yes, people fire the guns, but without them, what happens? Not a lot of damage can be done to hundreds of concert goers from across a 6-lane street and 32 floors in the air with a knife. Or a club. Or rocks.

And, yes, the weapon being fired appears to be a non-standard and unlikely (if not illegal) purchase for your average American gun owner. But it is a gun, and it definitely killed people.

I truly don’t understand why it’s so hard to both argue for gun owners’ rights and also admit that guns are weapons that can kill people. Sure, it takes intent, but again, it’s tough for a solo attacker to cause mass murder with any other weapon (though I concede the recent repulsive streak of car attacks).

Maybe if defenders of gun ownership stopped denying the reality of a gun’s potential, they might be more effective in persuading people of all stripes in the value of proper and safe gun purchases.

Again, I don’t know the answer, but since the NRA and many “2nd Amendment” faithful supported the current president. perhaps they could take a page from his book and cut out the political correctness about the item for which they hold a special passion.

Guns do kill people.

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