Guess who’s coming to dinner


coming to dinnerI’m not a worrier, so when I left for my 2 1/2 month Great North American Baseball Road Trip, I made what I deemed to be appropriate precautions and headed out from my home during the beginning of hurricane season.

In the ensuing months, nary a hint of a threat appeared in the tropics or the Atlantic to cause concern.  Indeed, it was so quiet, I often forgot to check the NHC site for the forecasts.

And then I returned and within three weeks, two storms formed in the corridor most famous for sending nasty stuff our way.  But still, I’m not a worrier.

Many people in Florida continue to stubbornly ignore the onset of hurricane season and wait until a storm is nearly upon them to rush out in a panic and get the necessary items for weathering the threat.

As a native Floridian, I get all my supplies in May.  Done and done.

Without trivializing even a low-level hurricane, the current forecast shows Erika to be, at worst, a category 1 storm.  Does this mean it could still do severe damage?  Sure, but it’s not like looking in the face of Andrew or Katrina.

I remain hopeful that the storm will weaken and/or turn out into the Atlantic to expire harmlessly.  In the meantime, I’m fully stocked and fully experienced.  At the very least, we could use some more rain.

As for the rest, well, I’m not a worrier.

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