The Grand Experiment


grand experimentSaturday, I returned my cable box, VoIP modem and large monthly bill for a trip back in time.  Back to an era without 900 channels of visually dazzling, but mentally numbing broadcasts.

Sure, it’s not a total time travel trip. I still have the internet and Amazon Prime to provide an occasional dip into the present, but for the most part I am returning to a period of more tangible uses of my time.

As the “experiment” progresses, here is what I expect to occupy my previously distracted mind:

Reading – Not only do I have dozens of books on my “to be read” list, but there are dozens more I don’t even know I want to read.  For example, my friend just gave me the book “No Ordinary Time” about Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt.  Not normally the type of book I would read, but then neither was “Unbroken”, given to me by a different friend and immensely entertaining (if disturbing).

I also hope to reacquaint myself with my old friend Mr. Library.  I have two branches within 10 minutes of my home.  Embarrassment of riches?

Riting – It’s high time to get back in the saddle.  I’ve worked over my current idea as much as can be done in my noggin.  Time to put prose to paper.  Sure, it’s still too cool to head to the beach, but I think I can straggle along until the season changes.  And I hope to get these blogs out faithfully on a daily basis again.

Rithmetic – Well, not exactly, but the math works out that dropping the whopping monthly cable bill will free up more money for books and movies in theaters, which would mean less hermit and more social life.  That could be tough at first, my cave is cozy and I remain mostly undisturbed, but the return to active engagement will only add to my writing ideas (life is the best source of imagination).

About the only thing I will likely miss will be live sports events.  Fortunately (?), this is a down year for my local and favorite teams, so I won’t miss all that much.  If one should accidentally make it to the playoffs, I can always head out to watch it in a sports bar – there’s almost as many of them as there are cable channels!

Let the experiment commence!

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