Good things come in two’s


This was going to be the start of another “themed” week, but I’m going to take a small detour and set that up for next week.

The premise was going to be on my “quirks”, be they personality or otherwise.  The thought I had behind that was based on the excellent progress I have been making on Book 2 and the expectation that this will dramatically widen my reading audience.

A couple of reasons power that thought.  First, my publisher has recently provided a terrific treatise on marketing books and I plan on taking full advantage of some of the nifty suggestions contained therein.

Second, the very arrival of “What Next?” will validate the book series in the minds of many potential readers.  A good number of those who feel they might enjoy the book (simply from the idea or the free chapters) are leery to start into a “series” of books from a non-established author.  What if he’s a one-hit wonder?  Maybe they’ve plunked down their hard-earned (and, these days, more precious) cash for the equivalent of a movie that’s missing the final reel.  Too risky.  Ah, but with two books of the trilogy out, there’s a greater belief the author may just know what he’s doing and actually be able to finish the tale.

So, “Quirk week” was going to be an opportunity for readers to learn even more about me…the peculiar me, that is.  Yes, the readers who come on in the future will be behind the curve compared to all of you, but they’ll be able to catch up easily by going to the “Me” section of the blog.

All this means I’m either incredibly comfortable in my skin or I am not tremendously worried that my popularity will ever be so great that the “revelations” will cause me permanent public embarrassment.  I would like to pretend it’s the former, but I suspect it’s really the latter.

I’m back to having a ball on the book, with the only problem being the ideas are now piling on top of each other, trying to worm their way into the book.  It’s amusing to consider how this book has vexed me and at the same time energized me.  The process has been an adventure in itself, its own little trilogy, you could say.  There is the book I started writing (and threw away), the book I am now writing and the book I will probably end up writing.  Which does suggest changing my headline to the more familiar phrase, “Good things come in three’s”.

But let’s wait for Book 3 (“What Now?”) before we go there.

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