Good guesser


I’m not a big fan of texting.

Not because of the terrors of texters and their lack of awareness. This isn’t a diatribe about distracted drivers or pedestrians.

Nope, I’m not a big fan of texting because I’m just not good at it. I never considered my fingers stubby before, but I have no fluency with the tiny simulated keyboard on my iPhone after a lifetime of real typewriters and desktop keyboards.

Fortunately, my iPhone is a good guesser.

Text guessing is quite a bit different from auto correct. I laughed until tears came out of my eyes perusing the terrible auto corrects out there in the world (many not able to be used as the post picture in this G rated blog).

The guessing function exists as a sort of “psychic auto correct”, listing a variety of interpolated words above the texting area that suggest what my first few letters might want or, in amazing cases, what my next word will be without ever typing a letter!

I think I long ago protected myself from the direct auto correct danger by shutting that off, leaving me with only the “guesser” function. I think. Smartphones are way smarter than I am, so I’m never sure who controls whom.

The reason I added “psychic” to the guesser function is that there are eerie times when my train of thought is predicted exactly by the iPhone. It will suggest words, in order, that I actually planned on typing.

Now, I understand a learning function, such as when I start “Tr” and it suggests “Trump”, but a pattern of speaking (typing) function? That’s eerie.

But very helpful. It often speeds up my typing to the point I can adequately play in the texting arena. It’s not perfect, by any means, and there are times I need to fully spell out words, but it’s a great time saver.

I’ve tried the speech function and it’s pretty good at recognizing words, but it leaves no room for punctuation and that slows me down having to go back and put in periods and capital letters.

Since I like full sentences and none of the texting shorthand, I appreciate any aid I can get out of my phone. It may not be safe to use auto correct, but my iPhone is a good guesser!

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