Good to go


good to goThe changes have been made to all three books in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures series.  All the books are good to go.

I’ve submitted all three, though I am still waiting on some final conversation regarding Book One.  Pending that, the trilogy will be up for sale for good.

The errors in What if? were not a problem in Books Two or Three, but there were enough changes I made to warrant going back to print.  For previous readers, there won’t be a significant enough change worth picking up a new edition (I did finally alter one bothersome scene early in What if? that always nagged me and no one ever called me on).

In What Next? and What Now? the changes were so minor, I debated not even submitting them, but then I also took the opportunity to do a little pruning.  I doubt it was more than a few dozen words in What Next?, though probably more in What Now?  Mostly, it involved removing an occasional line that I thought unnecessary and perhaps a tweak to tighten the continuity of all three books.

Now, if the series ever reaches “wildly popular” status, those “imperfect” first editions might actually be worth something due to the low print runs.  I’ve never quite understood the value of collecting imperfections, but I’ve seen it in everything from comics to stamps to books.  I still think it more likely you’ll get better value as fuel for your fireplaces, if the errors bothered you.

I’m thankful this episode is (almost) over.  I would like to get back to encouraging people to read the books instead of putting orange cones around them.

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