It’s good to feel bad


feeling badOkay, not exactly, but it is instructive.

As mentioned previously, I recently had my first hamstring injury.  It was extremely painful, but clearly not of the “major” category as the pain is swiftly subsiding and I’m already into my recovery exercises.

Being a new experience (and not terminal), I find the injury cool.  When I mentioned this sentiment to my sister, she thought I was cuckoo (though I expect 50 previous years of evidence had already made up her mind).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like pain.  It’s just that when you experience some form of debilitating injury – and you know it will be temporary – you can learn a lot from the way your body reacts.

For example, I was not familiar with how many ways the hamstring impacts you as you move, even when the movement is not your leg.  Another discovery I made was that, oddly, I seem to lean on my right leg when standing.  I say “oddly” because I am a 99.4% lefty.

I’ve had other unique, short-term injuries such as a locked-up back and a shoulder surgery (okay, that wasn’t so much fun).  Each time they provide a (hopefully) one-time tour of how my body works normally (as opposed to during the convalescence).

I think that journey is pretty cool.  But I’m fine with the lesson being short.

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