Gone guy


gone guyYeah, just seizing on a little pop culture; settle down.

I’m getting more excited over the big trip I am planning as a real possibility.  Aside from the actual expenses and nature of the trip, as I discussed a bit yesterday, I began to consider the other more practical preparations for such a journey.

I’ve never had an extended stay away from home for more than about 10 days.  Now, I’m contemplating perhaps as much as three months.  What do you do when you’re away that long?

The ordinary stuff (stopping mail and newspapers) wouldn’t change, though I guess three months of junk mail might get unwieldy for the Post Office.  But what about the rest of the situations?

I usually turn off the water in the house to be safe for any possible leak or rupture.  Can you leave that off for three months?  Shouldn’t someone come in to flush the toilets and maybe run the sinks?

I can still unplug the appliances, but should I leave the fuses on for someone to check the lights and such?  (Of course, I leave the A/C and fridge running).

For that matter, should I have someone checking up on the home during the interim?  My next door neighbor or maybe my Dad?

Most of my bills are e-pay and automatic, to boot, so that’s not a problem.  I guess I also need to “eat down” anything in the fridge or freezer (just in case there’s an outage).

What to pack, as well?  Traveling light makes the most sense, if I time the trip right I can probably make do with a couple of jeans and shorts.  But I’ll need detergent (and I guess dryer sheets).  A basket or just bags for the laundry?  Are there still laundromats and what do they take now, dollar bills or change?

Should I be bringing dress clothes in case I actually “go out” to eat (as opposed to eating out)?  I’ve got a beard right now, but clean shaven would be easier (no need for bringing the trimmer).  For that part, what do I do about haircuts?  I haven’t gone to a new barber in 40 years!

I also need to consider that I would be taking the trip in my new white on white car and, in all likelihood, having to eat/drink an awful lot in that white interior.  Scary!

If I’m lucky, I’ll uncover even more of these logistics before I actually become a gone guy.

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