GNABRT follow-up 1 – From blog to book


blog postsWelcome to the “epilogue” section of the Great North American Baseball Road Trip blog.  I’ll be posting every now and then about things related in one way or another to my recently completed journey.

Today, it’s about how to turn all those miles, stories and posts into a coherent narrative, or, in English, how the heck to make a book out of my blog.

Readers who have been with me for a long time know I don’t like writing at my desktop.  I prefer typing on my desktop (give me a full-size keyboard any day), but writing doesn’t come easy.

Figuring that I’ll at least have to head off to the patio, if the weather prevents me from hitting the beach (my usual base of inspirations and operations), I began printing off the blog posts under my GNABRT category (yeah, in case you never looked, there’s a whole passel of categories off to the right of the posts).

Guess what?  Based simply on the pages printed, I already have a book.

Sure, it’s not in any format that makes sense for a continuous narrative and there’s plenty of writing I’m likely to either delete or expand, but when it’s all sitting there in one pile, it surprised even me how much I’ve already written about the trip.

Let me disabuse you of the notion you may have just gotten that this makes the job of writing the book any easier.  It’s possible it could even make it harder.  But in terms of jogging my memory and getting me started, those posts will definitely be a huge aid.

Now I just have to settle on a venue.  I would rather use the beach as my location, not only because that’s where I’ve written all my previous books but also because if I have to use the patio, I have to clean it first.  As bad as my house was after 2 1/2 months away, that patio is way, way worse.

Since my only real use of the patio is for grilling, I don’t really have to clean it until October (for my annual Halloween BBQ).  That’s a pretty strong incentive to get my new beach parking pass.  But those expire on  September 30, so I guess for the next month, I won’t be doing a whole lot of actual writing…mostly outlining and organizing.

And wading through a pile of blog posts.

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