GNABRT Day 9 – Bringing the roof down


IMG_0325This is going to be a short blog, folks.  Between the frozen ears and stiff neck from the A/C blowing directly on me, I’ve got a screaming headache and I need to close the eyes so I can get up and ready for departure tomorrow in the early AM.

The Game:  Arizona Diamondbacks vs. New York Mets.  The Mets started the season ablaze and then tailed off, but have remained competitive in the mediocre NL East.  The Diamondbacks lost a major starting pitcher and are struggling to get to .500 and stay in the race.

The GNABRT streak lives!  Yet another come from behind win by the home team, including the lumbering first baseman scoring all the way from first on a double, sliding in just under the tag at home plate in what would end up bring the winning run.   Arizona added more runs later in an inning that showcased the rare double steal.

The Tab:  Ticket,$28; HotDog,$2.75; Lemonade,$4,25; Peanuts, $6; Program, Free; Total = $41

Miscellany of Day 9:

– My powers of climatory control have never been stronger.  Stopping the rain in Texas was impressive, but making it rain in Arizona when, in all of recorded history it had never done so on this day before?  Well, I believe I can grant California its wish regarding the weather.

– I’m taking two Tylenol and going to bed.  Meh.

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