May 9, 2021

8 thoughts on “GNABRT Day 88 (really 76) – Something fishy

  1. Congratulations on the completion of what seems to have been a “Great North American Baseball Road Trip”. I have enjoyed traveling along with you through your blog. Well done !!

    1. Thanks Tim. People like you and your son and others I got a chance to meet along the way played a big part in keeping me going.

  2. Jeff: Have you thought about approaching Subaru or any of the hoteliers about sponsoring the GNABRT now that it has come to an end? It might be an interesting avenue to explore as you begin to stich your content together.

      1. Jeff: I can understand MLB being quite, but not Subaru. They support such things as “Rock The Park” by Litton Entertainment that documents the travels of 2 guys attempting to go to every national park in this country. I think a roadt rip visiting every MLB stadium would be right up there alley. You might want to try and connect with Alan Bethke, Vice President, Marketing: Subaru of America on LinkedIn ( or alternatively, Robert Font, Director, Digital Communications at Subaru of America ( Just remember most “sales” are made after the 3rd attempt (especially in the world of Business Development).

  3. Jeff,
    It sounds as tho GNABRT was a great success! I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you at the Pirates – Cardinals game in Pittsburgh on July 12th. What an amazing game!! Congratulations!!

    1. It was probably the best game of the whole trip (though I still put my teary visit to Camden Yards first for pure wish fulfillment). I had fun with all of you at the game and, if you read the post, you know I tried (and loved) your sandwich shop!

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