GNABRT Day 87 (really 75) – Eight is enough


8 enoughIt’s finally arrived.  Almost.  Nearly.  Just about.

The final game of the Great North American Baseball Road Trip is tomorrow (Sunday, August 23rd) at Marlins Park in Miami.  Once the game is complete, I will have finished my (now) nearly three-month voyage to every baseball park in the major leagues to watch a game.

In commemoration, seven of my friends will be attending the game with me.  Using the wisdom I have gained from 2 1/2 dozen ball games, I set us up to be in two rows, right above each other in the first four seats on the aisle.

We’ll be down the third base line and I wouldn’t say no to a foul ball on the final game.  I might even keep that one as my own “trophy” for an All-Star trip.

My record stands at 20-9 heading into the final game.  I would love to end the GNABRT with a win, not the least reason being the Marlins are the team playing in my home town (though the Orioles remain my long-standing favorite team).

Tomorrow will be the final game post for this blog.  There may be a few follow-on posts and I will surely keep everyone up to date on how the book is progressing.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed reading these blogs and encouraged me to keep plugging away at them (they’re really not that easy to fire off).  I truly appreciate your support along the way.

So, now…Play ball!

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