GNABRT Day 73 – See America for $1 a mile


GNABRT map - day 69Actually, it looks like it will be less than that.

Based on the remaining bills trickling in, it looks like I will come in well short of my adjusted budget.  So short, in fact that it will have run less than $1 per mile for the whole trip.

In my last stopover, my friends were surprised how much the trip was costing.  They thought that hotels for sure should have been cheaper.  A lot of conditions related to my chosen locations prevented maximization of the lowest costs.

For example, choosing locations close to the ball parks inevitably placed me in the heart of many cities, where per night charges are higher.  It allowed me to walk to games and save on parking, but that wasn’t a wash when it came to room price.

In other cases, one night stays on weekends cost more than a multi-day stay would average and also invalidated programs that might give a free night (stay two, get the third free).

Given the gas, food, parking, tickets and sundries, the trip was going to be expensive.  Overall, though, I’m happy at the final tally.  It’s been two months of non-stop fun (intermixed with weariness) and unlikely to be matched by anything else in my life.

That’s certainly worth at least a dollar a mile.

I’m still shooting for an up and back to Tampa tomorrow.  It looks like there might be a small window of opportunity in the weather.  Here’s hoping!

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