GNABRT Day 72 – Time for a change


time for a changeNah, the car is fine.  Got the little paint scrapes on the front right bumper, but hopefully that’s something I can get touched up (though car dealers now like to use the “have to replace the whole bumper” line, so we’ll see).

No, I’m talking about stuff you actually change into.  Wearable stuff.

During the entirety of the Great North American Baseball Road Trip, I tried to travel as economically as possible.  By that, I mean with as few clothes as would be reasonable for a 2 1/2 month trip.

When it came to short sleeve shirts, that wasn’t very tough.  All I had was four hand-me-down shirts from Dad (much too big, but whatever) and a Gators polo.  Wardrobe challenged doesn’t even come into play when you don’t actually have a wardrobe.

Over the course of the GNABRT, I got three free t-shirts and one free jersey.  That allowed me to donate some of my older t-shirts away when I returned.  For the rest, it was time to go shopping.

Unlike my Dad, I like solids.  Hmm, come to think of it, so does he, since that’s all he seems to wear these days.  One has to wonder why he gave me all shirts with patterns on them…

I picked up a half-dozen polos today; some in bright colors and some simply good-looking.  I now feel replenished (and somewhat more current) in my wardrobe choices.

It also turned out my old watch was actually well and truly dead, so I had to pick up a new one.  To be fair, the watch was 11 years old, but it still should have been capable.  Hmph.

Because of my shortfall of long-sleeve shirts on the GNABRT and subsequent buying of more, I am now overloaded with long-sleeves; an impractical clothing selection for South Florida.  Even in our worst “winters”, it’s hard to imagine running through my entire collection, now.

Still, even though the seasons barely change down here, I’m ready to change with them.

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