GNABRT Day 71 – I have such a sick family


sick familyAt least, now I do.

My first full day back from traveling on my Great North American Baseball Road Trip, I got a call from my Dad.  He and my Stepmom had been traveling as well; overseas for a month.  He informed me that both of them were headed to the doctor because they were both coughing and ill (though for different reasons).

I offered to take them to the doctors, but he felt he could handle it.  That ultimately ended up being fortuitous because my sister texted me this morning that she needed to get to the emergency room, for coughing, as well.

Turns out, she has bronchitis, which at least is not catching, though that’s the lone good thing that can be said about the illness.  We picked up the prescription cough medicine and I dropped her back home.

In comparison, my tiny little cough (yes, it’s still there on occasion) seems quite benign.  Another couple of days of my grapefruit and vitamin C pills and I’ll likely be back to normal.

I’m supposed to visit Dad this weekend and also meet my elder niece’s new boyfriend.  Hopefully everyone will be up to the visit.  The next day, I head out for GNABRT game 29, setting up the final game in Miami.

That game has been rescheduled on my calendar so no one has to pay the (sometimes) outrageous ticket prices I’ve had on my trip.  With a special deal offered by the Marlins, the friends who are joining me will get a hot dog, drink and seat for $21 total.  A good deal indeed (sponsored by Pepsi).

That’s the 23rd of October, the official end of the GNABRT.  As far as the blog is concerned, this weekend’s Tampa game will be the temporary end of the GNABRT blog posts.  There won’t be any GNABRT activities to relate between Sunday (August 9th) and the Sunday two weeks later, so you’ll all have the opportunity to take a break from the blog.

I’ll still likely be posting, though not every day, if I had to guess.  Also, I need to start working on writing up the whole trip as a book and the sooner I start on that, the sharper my memories will be.

Thanks to everyone who had complimentary things to say about the trip and the blog.  Your support kept me typing through some days I could have taken off.

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  1. JMD

    Heh. Well, at least SOMEONE is reading this stuff. Yes, people, as Tim points out, it should read the 23rd of AUGUST.

    Oh, for an editor…


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