GNABRT Day 70 – Fortune still smiles


fortune smilesSure, you might have thought that the Great North American Baseball Road Trip is over now that I’m back home.  There are still two more games left and one of them is definitely going to test the GNABRT good fortune.

It appears that it rained every day back here in Florida while I was gone.  While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, my last remaining “big” road trip is to Tampa, about 4 hours away.  Currently, Tampa has 5 different flood alerts for the city.  The city should not be big enough for 5 flood alerts.

Looking ahead to this weekend, when I hoped to be able to do an up and back (8 hours of driving interrupted by 3 hours of baseball), I see rain before, during and after the weekend.  Yuk.  Guess I’ll have to continue to depend on the GNABRT luck.

That’s not necessarily so far-fetched, as I relate to you the events of just my first day back:

– I’ve been too long at friends’ homes or hotels.  When I left to go get some groceries for the empty fridge (and stomach), I left the key in my front door.  Hanging.  Attached to my car key fob.

It’s as much a testament to my good neighborhood as my good luck, as a person could have robbed my home and then later taken the goods away in my car.  Nice change of pace from the (supposedly) shady neighborhoods I stayed in or traveled to.

– I was mistaken thinking my A/C was broken (I tripped the wrong breaker), but I needed my annual maintenance check-up anyway (to ensure the extended warranty – 10 yrs parts and service) so we kept the appointment for this morning.

Turns out, there was a leak in a pipe that was directly above the electrical circuit for the water heater and the fuse connections outside needed replacing.  Both covered.  Both could have led to more difficulty.

– Around lunch time, I realized I had no veggies to go with my meal (I’ll hit The Boys fresh market next week).  It started thundering as I walked there and started drizzling as I walked back.  Was this good fortune?  Sure, since it cooled down the temps for the frozen and refrigerated stuff I bought (not good to shop when hungry) and held off real rain until I was safely indoors.

– On an unrelated note, I have all these leftover cans of Coke from the big sale I used to supply my GNABRT.  I took two cartons with me and had half of one in the fridge.  I still had a half-empty plastic bottle of Coke from my trip.  Since I can never finish a full 12 ounces at a time, I simply poured the excess from the can into the bottle.  Voila, instant extended life (and relief from trying to drink the whole can).

– I’ve been away so long I’ve actually forgotten which day is recycle pickup, Monday or Thursday.  After lugging both (now filled) containers to the front of the driveway, it came to me that it’s Monday (confirmed by no one else having their recycle outside).  I didn’t feel like lugging them back, so there they will stay for the next four days.

– I’ve made surprisingly good progress at cleaning.  Both bathrooms are now completely done as is the kitchen.  These are the areas I use most.  Tomorrow, I’ll do the dusting and vacuuming (which includes cleaning the leather furniture).  That should leave only mopping for Friday.

Then it’s the outside.  Ugh.  No easy way to do that in August.

– Two and a half months is a long time.  It took me a good while to sort through all the mail, update all the computer tracking programs and get my checkbook all caught up (balanced the first time through…hoo hah!).  Feels almost like normal around here.

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