GNABRT Day 67 – Meandering around Marietta


Marietta squareIt’s a quiet day for the Great North American Baseball Road Trip as we hit the penultimate day before heading home.  Tomorrow will be the Braves game, the final baseball game outside the state of Florida.  Then I will grab a few Z’s and slip out early Tuesday morning for the bull run to South Florida.

Today, I traipsed around Marietta with my friends and we stopped to eat at the Marietta Fish Market, where I had an excellent Seafood Fra Diavolo.  Then we rounded about the Marietta Square where they show free movies on the grass (though not in the 90+ degree afternoon).

Then we popped back for a relaxing afternoon at the house before tomorrow’s finale.

The city:  Marietta, Georgia.  The city resides in Cobb County, named after Thomas Willis Cobb, a state politician and Supreme Court judge.  This is relevant only in as much as the city was named after his wife.

Once again, another city was devastated in the 1800’s by fire, this time in the 1850’s.  Be glad that wood is no longer the sole material used to build houses (and that fire engines are really good at responding).

After rebuilding, they faced yet more fires, this time from Sherman’s troops burning the city during the Civil War.

Among many of the varied items from Marietta’s past, one of the not sordid is when Eddie Rickenbacker (famed WWI flying ace) decided to place a Bell Bomber plant in Marietta.  This would later become powerful Lockheed Martin (a company I happily own stock in).

Miscellany of Day 67:

– My friend informed me when I got here to mention that Marietta was the capital of Georgia before Atlanta.  I thought that was a cool fact.  Problem is, it turns out it’s not a fact, at least not one I (and eventually he) could prove.  Oh well, it’s still a nice town.

1 day until heading home!

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