GNABRT Day 66 – Visiting the (c)old roommate


GNABRT map - day 66The last stop before returning to my home state is my next-door neighbor state of Georgia, where the Great North American Baseball Road Trip will reside for three nights before heading on home.

Located in Marietta, GA, is my old college roommate and his wife (and their dog).  It’s a quiet area just enough off the beaten path to be peaceful and close enough to necessary shopping to be convenient.

We spent most of the day catching up and chatting (explaining the late production of this blog post) and then he cooked up some pulled pork for dinner that was excellent.

I was granted permission to use their laundry room and now have ample clothing to make it back home to my own washer and dryer.  Another chapter of the GNABRT brought to a close.

There were special preparations necessary to make ready for bed, as I had to ask my friend to shut off the vent in my bedroom.  I had also brought a heavy long sleeve shirt and jeans for my sleeping outfit.

All this hearkens back to the days when the two of us, plus one other friend, shared an apartment (one of a quad) together in Gainesville.  We had constant battles over the thermostat because the two of them liked it cold and I liked it warm (in case you haven’t picked up on that by now).

There were more than a few times when I would wake up at night, freezing, and go push the thermostat setting way up.  That would then force one or the other to get up later and push it back down,

That battle was reasonably even, but they had the advantage in winter when they could simply open the windows.

Both my friend and his wife like it cold (real terms), so it will be interesting to see how I survive the next three nights.  More interesting will be how I survive stepping out of the shower the next three mornings!

Due to the lateness of the blog, city history will show up tomorrow.

Miscellany of Day 66:

– I hit more traffic jams coming out of North Carolina and it struck me how much more difficult it is to navigate and tolerate these obstructions on roads and areas I don’t know.  I will be so glad to be able to deal with “my” traffic again soon.  It’s less stressful if you know where everything goes.

– For a few miles on I-85, I was in a weird battle with a gray semi-trailer.  First I would pass him, then he would pass or almost pass me.  Then it would happen again.  He beeped at me once but I couldn’t tell if that was because he was angry or because he was trying to signal me.  Eventually, we parted ways, but not before I thought of the movie “Duel”.

– Of course, now that I no longer need any, there is a Wells Fargo location right around the corner from my friends’ house.

2 days until heading home!

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